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The Edgemax series of routers and switches by Ubiquiti are very popular and well known elements of network infrastructure used in more than 100 countries around the world. The EdgeMax series includes 4 routers and EdgeSwitch switches designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

EdgeRouter Lite became famous as the first device of its kind in the world which offers more than 1 million packets per second and costs less than USD 100. The router is equipped with a Dual-Core MIPS64 processor, 2GB of internal memory and 512Mb of RAM DDR2 – these parameters make it the perfect cost-effective option for small and medium companies as well as for basic communication and data exchange in networks.

EdgeRouter PoE is equipped with a built-in switch and 5 configurable PoE ports designed for more advanced business purposes.

EdgeRouter and EdgeRouter PRO are the best items within the offer of Ubiquiti routers. Both devices are equipped with 8 ports and can be mounted in racks and on stands. It offers more than 2 million packets per second and 8Gbps for 512-byte packets to ensure capacity and throughput necessary for the most demanding IT environments.

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